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Last night, I had a conversation at a local Back Bay pub. The real estate agent I was speaking with told me I should update the looks of my Boston Real Estate Blog. Her exact words were “It’s boring looking….it looks like a relic from the 1980’s…” (Not me, but the Boston real estate blog website.)

Okay, I admit I don’t  have the “bells and whistles” of my Boston real estate competitors, but before I change my Boston real estate website – and do a total face makeover, what are your thoughts? Should I hire a company to re-do my Boston real estate blog?  Should I just save my money and leave it the way it is? Do you really think  –  I’ll get more Boston real estate sales leads, if I re-do the look of my Boston real esate blog with a new face lift?

I really appreciate it if you give me any Boston real estate advice.

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