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A Beacon Hill Charmin’ Love Story

A Beacon Hill Charmin’ Love Story

I hear many Beacon Hill real estate stories, pardon my expression, most are full of crap. This is one of them.

Beacon Hill Condo agent:: “You have lovely taste in toilet paper.”

Tenant: “Excuse me?”

Beacon Hill condo agent: “Your toilet paper choice. Charmin’ Extra Soft. Exquisite.”

She looked at the Beacon Hill agent with the blankness one would expect after being complimented on toilet tissue choice.

Tenant: “Are you seriously hitting on me based on my toilet paper?”

Beacon Hill Agent: “Depends.”

Tenant: “On what?”

Beacon Hill Agent: “Is it working?”

Tenant: “Absolutely not.”

Five years later, they were married.

Six years later, they had their first kid.

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