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A Beacon Hill fire alarm story

A Beacon Hill fire alarm story

Amy a friend of mine, who owns a Beacon Hill condo told me this short little story. Apparently, her smoke alarm batteries died, and of course it happened at around 2:30 AM. The chirping sound was so loud it woke up the downstairs neighbors. To make matters worse she wasn’t able shut off the chirping sound as it required a ladder is to reach them. She grabbed a broom from the kitchen, to hit the alarm, which made matters only worse. Fortunately, Dan the neighbor below grabbed a ladder and solved the problem.

If you change the battery or in some cases the backup battery once a year it probably won’t give out in the middle of the night. I’m doing that now at my Winchester home right after I call and schedule my furnace tune-up.

According to the Department of Safety, 41% of fire-related deaths occur in December and January. There are more housefires in the winter than during the warmer months.

So please, for your sake and your neighbors, change your fire alarm batteries now, its much better than waking up your Beacon Hill condo neighbors when it goes off at 2am.

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