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I was sitting down to lunch yesterday with a few friends, and with the Oscars being just a few days away the topic of movies came up. One of my companions mentioned a special broadcast about the 15 most influential movies in American history being aired that night. We tossed the subject around trying to guess what films would be on the list. Being an extremely busy real estate professional with little time to watch television last night, I checked for the list on the internet. Each one of us got one correct. One of them picked two correct.

The list got me to thinking what the most influential deals in Boston real estate over the last few years are. My mind wandered through the various neighborhoods, price points, and other issues. Could the first deeded parking space sold in the Back Bay be one? Maybe the first hotel built in the Seaport is more influential. Did the first million dollar condo shake the real estate community more? Then I thought about the sale of the old 7-Eleven building on the corner of Charles and Mount Vernon in Beacon Hill. Did anyone think that transaction would lead to a new law? When the new owners sought to put a bank in the location the community fought against it. The property owners acquiesced. Shortly thereafter the city of Boston passed an ordinance declaring street level store fronts of limits to non-retail business. Maybe you can think of something more influential. And while you are at it try to figure out one or more of the movies.

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Boston condos for sale


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Updated: January 2018

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