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This is a two-part entry.

Part One, courtesy of the Globe:

Still home for Christmas – By Donovan Slack, The Boston Globe

When dawn broke Christmas morning, Kendra Jackson smiled as she watched her 11-year-old daughter tear shiny, red wrapping paper from a gift. Then she began to cry.

“I’m so blessed,” she said.

It was the first Christmas in years that Jackson, an Amtrak worker and single mother, wasn’t in fear of foreclosure on her Dorchester three-decker. “I see all those people who do lose their homes, and I just say, ‘Lord, thank you.’ “

Tomorrow, Part Two, courtesy of the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds records.

(*) Okay, I just edited this entry … apparently, it’s not quite as exciting as I thought, at first. Not that I’d let a couple facts get in the way of a good story, but I don’t want to come off ignorant, or anything.

Tomorrow, I’ll post an update with a bit more information on this …

Boston real estate for sale


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