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A miracle story in Back Bay

A miracle story in Back Bay. I was with a client (let’s call her Beth), we’re walking  down Commonwealth Ave. back to my Beacon Hill real estate office.  As we approached Arlington Street, and about to cross to the Public Garden, Beth ran into someone she knew. They had a brief hug and exchanged numbers, and agreed to meet up later in the day. I asked how  you two knew each other and she told me that they’re from adjacent towns in Ohio.

Fast forward: Three months later

After finishing up a Beacon Hill apartment showing and heading back to my office, I ran into Beth, she was excited to see me. She told me she just got engaged. She went on to say, that they haven’t set a date for the wedding, but she said, with a smile on her face, if I didn’t convivence her to view a Back Bay apartment, that they may never have reunited. She told me they’re living in her apartment for now, but once they get married, they’ll buy a home, and I’ll be the real estate broker they use.

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After we departed, I was thinking how life sends us serendipities; it drops little miracles into our laps. You run into old acquaintance by chance, and a few months later your engaged. You lock yourself out of a Beacon Hill apartment and your roommate arrives. Or recently, in my case, the vending machine, that gave me the extra package of M&M’s.

Who offers these gifts? God, the universe, dumb luck, a metaphysical entity that occasionally rigs a vending machine? Whatever the answer, one thing is certain: The world is marvelously mysterious. Grace shows up now and again to remind us of this.

It is a blessing that can’t be earned, only received. You’d get nothing done if you went around watching for miracles all the time. But you’d do well to stay alert enough to see them out of the corner of your eye.

Believe it r not, miracles even happen to Back Bay / Beacon Hill brokers. 

Now its time for my M&M’s.

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