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A must watch homebuyers nightmare movie

A must watch homebuyers nightmare movie. With the pending snowstorm heading towards Boston this weekend, you may want to curdle up with with some hot coca and watch this Netflix thriller. This is true story about a young family that just purchased their dream home.

f you’ve seen The Watcher, co-created by Ryan Murphy, you’ll know that the Brannock family doesn’t exactly have the friendliest of neighbors once they move into their dream home. Especially the stalker who goes by the pseudonym “The Watcher”  and relentlessly harasses them by sending unsettling letters. As the Watcher’s letters become increasingly sinister, Dean (Bobby Cannavale) and Nora Brannock (Naomi Watts) seek to uncover the horrifying truth behind this creepy caper.

While the series is fictionalized, it is based on a real-life account of a family trying to move into their dream house and discovered it was actually a nightmare. So what happened at the New Jersey home now known as The Watcher house? Watch our explainer video above to learn more about the chilling events behind this scary true story.


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