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A nurse moves into a Beacon Hill apartment

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A nurse moves into a Beacon Hill apartment

She moved into a new building, it was only few blocks to her Beacon Hill apartment, unlike before where when she lived in NYC and she had to take half-hour subway ride to her apartment.

Enjoying the feeling that she would be home soon, she started to look around at places for a take-out order on her walk home. There were all different types of restaurants that offer everything from A to Z on their menus. This night, she was craving some Thai food that she could have while she unpacked more of her belongings, and re-arrange her furniture.

She found a place on Charles Street and settled on chicken satay (spicy), crispy fried tofu, and some crab ragoons which was her favorite, but she also stopped at the liquor store, reluctantly, for a bottle of chardonnay. Her thoughts were she would put the crispy fried tofu in the refrigerator for a later evening when she would be too tired to cook.  As she walked the rest of the way to her new apartment, she could smell the Thai food aroma drifting up from her brown paper bag that she held tightly, which made her stomach rumble with pleasure on what was to come her way when she arrived her Beacon Hill apartment on River St.

As she approached the building, she used her one free hands to open her shoulder bag searching for her keys. As she fumbled with the keys, she finally entered the building, she saw another tenant over by the bank of mailboxes. Smiling as she walked up to mailboxes, she said, “Hello’, She watched as the college student with Suffolk sweatshirt ignored her pleasantries. She than opened up her mailbox gathered her junk mail fliers. At this point, she was wondering if she made a mistake moving to Boston. She wondered were all Bostonians rude as the girl in the lobby. She stared eating her chicken satay and sipping her wine while streaming a movie. ironically called. The Good Neighbor. 

A year latter, she renewed her lease for the same Beacon Hill apartment. She became well acquainted with the other tenants in the building. While entertaining guests one night, she was asked how she selected this apartment. As she told the story of her first day in the apartment, she explained how it got off to a bad start, but concluded that it was perhaps the best housing decision she ever made.

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