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Migration Hot Spots



A pandemic migration has been underway, at least for young adults.

That’s according to a Bankrate.com survey that found 31% of people in that age cohort relocated either permanently or for an extended period of time during the Covid pandemic. That’s compared with 16% of adults overall.

Gen Z — who range from ages 18 to 24 — were most likely to pick up stakes, with 32% relocating. 

Main reason Gen Z is relocating

The main reason people relocated was to be closer to friends and family, which was cited by 31% of respondents. That was followed by more affordable living, with 27%, or relocating for a job, 21%.

Others were motivated by opportunities for more space, 18%; different climates, 17%; or the ability to work from anywhere, 17%.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

While many of the respondents left cities, they did not go far.


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