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A real estate brokers’ adventure on buying a toaster at Target.

With technology infiltrating our lives via smartphones and smart home devices, is it possible for us to truly live a private life? But what’s really sad, today, you can’t even go into Target and buy a toaster without the 16 yr old cashier asking you a lot of private questions. Back in the day, I’ve gone on first dates that didn’t even ask me so many questions.

Listen, I’m letting off steam, so instead of me pontificating how I don’t like to give out my personal information to Target sales clerks, I let John Pinette express my annoyance.



Sorry I need to vent out more. I have a question.

Why is it that Target is allowed to be open but not Macy’s?

The best explanation that I could find was on Google – Target sells food and Macy’s doesn’t. 

Now, this is what I would do if I were the CEO of Macy’s.

First call of action, I would fire the Marketing Dept head. Second, when you walk into Macy’s in the Downtown Crossing store. I would remove all the perfume from those glass display cases and shove boxes of Corn Flakes and Rice Crispies in its place.

I would then re-hire those attractive women with high heels and short dresses back and instead of them spraying perfume in your face when you walk by. I would have them walk around with cereal bowls handing out spoons saying would you like to sample our cereal special of the day.

I need to stop blogging something is burning in my new toaster.


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