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A South Boston condo owner wrote a poem to the board of directors about her complaints

The owners of a South Boston condominium were upset with the Board of Directors. If something wasn’t done it would be an all out war. So one South Boston condo owner in this complex tried to diffuse the situation by writing a poetic complaint letter to the Board of Directors. And it worked.

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South Boston Condos

South Boston condo Board of Directors

Sex education I’m not going to mention.

Just figured it would get your attention.

The noise above won’t allow me to sleep

so I’m adding this poem to your complaint heap.

The verses before you may cheer up your day

or make you mad as I dare do convey.

Look very close as you read every line

for I’ve taken my complaint and put it into a rhyme.

Doors propped open oh joy for some thief

So lets keep them closed avoiding much grief.

Owners may need a reminder now and then

But not the same preaching over and over again

Management is lucky to work in this place

And are given the authority to raid our space.

There fees are high, their task pretty simple

Maybe the Board can iron out this wrinkle.

We pay our fees without any hesitation

And truly wonder of its destination.

The nasty old halls are scary and dim

We have no lights to save life and limb.

We can’t sit in the lobby and chat with a friend

Always treated as a suspect so talking must end.

Condo owners are quiet and many afraid to speak

For our Board will not bother so problems will peak.

This condo on this Street is not a pleasant place

The owners are unhappy and are ashamed of its disgrace,

A large dark cloud hangs over this buildings roof

For the lack of a friendly neighbor is undoubtedly proof.

– Mary D

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