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A stroll down Charles Street in Beacon Hill

Boston Beacon Hill was pretty quiet last year. So many events were canceled, restaurants closed, and without no downtown workers. Yesterday, like most days, I took a stroll down Charles St and there was a lot of activity with people dining out and going to the Sevens pub. There were people out walking and enjoying the lovely weather.

As I crossed into the Boston Common I noticed it was clean and litter-free. Earlier in the day,  I saw people from the Beacon Hill alliance out picking up litter.

Boston Beacon Hill Condo Market

As Beacon Hill home prices have been going up the sales continue to move forward. Yesterday, one of my agents had one of her listings go under agreement (above asking)

This fall is a great time to buy a condo downtown assuming that the pandemic ends or lessens within the next year. Boston downtown has always had ups and downs and I can’t think of a time when a “down” hasn’t followed an “up”.

Boston Condos for sale Sale and Rent


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Charles Street is graced with many retail stores that have become destinations for shoppers.  As you stroll down Charles Street in Beacon Hill you’ll notice the specialty shops that are run by local entrepreneurs selling things that are hard to find anywhere else.

What’s so great about these stores?  It’s true that if you know exactly what you want you might be able to find a better deal on the internet.  But that’s not often the case, especially if you like to lead a life full of many delightful surprises.  If you need a gift for a friend or would like to have a new experience of some kind, the real value of local Beacon Hill stores isn’t just what they have on hand. 

The entrepreneurs that own them have gone into the business they run because they are excited about what they do; they’re into it.  They usually know something about what they sell that you don’t, and are happy to tell you all about it.  They also usually staff their stores themselves, rather than turn it over to kids who know nothing.

Let’s say that you want a specialty gift for a but know nothing about it yourself.  How to frame a picture, there’s a store for that. it’s a wealth of information about a world that many people know nothing about.  If you’re looking for something along these lines, you can go there and chat with the customers and sales staff to educate yourself about that world.

The same is true of our antique stores, florists, craft stores, and other specialty places.  Don’t think of them as just places where you buy things, as good as that is for the economy of downtown Boston.  Think of these places as a wealth of information that helps you to be a better consumer as well as a better citizen.  It’s to your benefit to get to know them in more ways than one!

As the warm weather will soon fade away, now is the time to just hanging around outside and getting a little exercise, a stroll down Charles Street in Beacon Hill and stop by one of the retail stores it’s a good way to enjoy the weather (while it lasts) and enjoy the city.  You never know what you might find and you never know what you might learn.  Give it a try!

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