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Now that the days are a little longer it is easier to view Boston condos for sale in the early evening (although today is kinda cold and windy). If you are interested in buying a downtown Boston condo that is on the market it might not be on the market when the weekend rolls around.  Don’t wait for the open house. The vast majority of homes that are on the market may never have an open house.

Boston real estate can often be shown during the week, after work, before work, or during lunch hour. People who have jobs that don’t have rigid hours have an advantage.

Consider asking your employer for some flexibility if you are house-hunting this spring.

Boston Real Estate Spring 2021 Market

Spring is just around the corner, the spring Boston real estate market and the Boston Red Sox season begin soon. Last March, we could not imagine that COVID-19 would still be a crippling plague a year later. Sadly, the pandemic is still with us and may cloud all of our Boston real estate plans for the next few months and beyond.

The death toll continues to rise, schools and downtown Boston colleges are struggling to reopen and the chasm between the rich and the poor continues to worsen. For many of us, the pandemic has been a giant inconvenience and for others, it has completely disrupted life. Most of us are someplace in between.

We’ve Been through other crisis

Our forefathers experienced the Great Depression or the dark days of World War II. This pandemic, therefore, is and will continue to be the worst calamity that we have experienced in our lifetime. Like our forebears, we are being brought to our knees by an unseen enemy that is threatening our future home-buying plans.

If ever there were a time for us to connect as a society in which we live, that time is now. Prosperity has a way of making us feel very self-sufficient. At the same time, the pandemic is trying to snatch this from our hands. Our challenge is to have faith and to forge ahead with divine energy and take all safety precautions when viewing Beacon Hill condos or Seaport condos for sale. 

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

As the days get longer and we are able to be outdoors. This is no time to let up on the things that have kept us safe. Now more than ever, we need to rely on the energy and wisdom that come from faith to see us through these difficult times. 

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