Great news.  Amrhein’s will not be closing (although I wouldn’t take this as the final word on the subject).  It will re-open, but not as a “family restaurant” as it has been advertised, but more up-scale.  That’s because the South Boston neighborhood it’s in has changed so much, over the past couple of years.

Interesting factoid within the story (which you won’t be able to read after a couple days, because the Globe is stingy about leaving articles left out there for free) is that loyal customer Tommy McIntyre so loved the original owner of the restaurant, Joe Mulrey, that he named his son after him.  And that son was local singer, songwriter, actor extraordinaire, Joey McIntyre.

Rumors of its demise prove exaggerated

Amrhein’s Last Call – By Chris Reidy, Boston Globe


Since its abrupt closing in November, South Boston residents have been wondering, but not really knowing, whether they missed last call at Amrhein’s, perhaps the neighborhood’s most famous restaurant.

The place where many local pols and families once dined on scrod and veal Parmesan is today mostly a construction site — a site where work has been stopped twice in recent weeks by city inspectors over permitting issues.

A cryptic sign on the wall says Amrhein’s is closed for repairs, but little else, leading to rumors that a restaurant with a dining room that once was a funeral parlor might be reincarnated as South Boston’s latest condo development. Amrhein’s published phone numbers are not in service, an automated voice saying, ”No further information available.” And Amrhein’s owner, Steve Mulrey, can be elusive.

”It even takes me a while to get him to call me back sometimes,” said Jim Byrne, a lawyer who has recently represented Amrhein’s.

Such uncertainty has rumors flying. Indeed it was so hard to get solid information that South Boston Online, a neighborhood newspaper, decided to give the Amrhein’s story a good leaving-alone, said Jay Rooney of Rooney Real Estate, whose family runs the newspaper.

”There’s a lot of speculation,” Rooney said. ”Nobody knows what the hell’s going on.”

Yesterday Mulrey spoke. One of the city’s oldest restaurants will not be going condo. Instead, he hopes to reopen Amrhein’s around Labor Day.




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