There are more than 4 million evictions cases filed worldwide each year. Are you being evicted, or are you a landlord who needs to evict a tenant and want to know what the eviction process looks like? There’s no need to worry because we are going to detail the process for you.

By the end of this Boston real estate blog post, you’ll know exactly what to expect from the process and be prepared for anything. Continue reading this complete guide that covers everything from the initial notice to the eviction completion process.

The Boston Real Estate Eviction Notice

Before a tenant can be evicted from the property, they must receive an eviction notice. The eviction notice will state the reason why the tenant is being evicted and will also note the amount of time they have left to leave the premises.

This serves as a legal paper trail in case the eviction ends in court.

 Real Estate Court Filings

If the tenant refuses to exit the premises, the landlord will file a complaint with the court system. This complaint filing will have the tenant forcibly removed from the property by law enforcement.

Once the landlord has filed the complaint, law enforcement will present the documents to the tenant and make them aware that a case has been opened against them. Before a landlord can open an eviction case, they will need a copy of the signed leasing agreement, a record of tenant payment history, and personal information for the tenant.

Final Step

The last step in the eviction process is having the tenant removed from the property. If a tenant still refuses to vacate the property, then the court can order officers to come out to the property and remove the tenants.

It’s crucial that you know what the laws are in your state when it comes to having tenants removed from the property. Knowing what to expect will help you to better prepare.

Evictions can be a long process, and some things will make the process longer than it’s supposed to be. The following factors can lengthen the eviction process:

  • If a tenant declares bankruptcy, their bankruptcy paperwork will need to be finalized before the eviction process continues 
  • Accepting any form of payment from the tenants will affect a landlord’s ability to evict a tenant
  • Additional lawsuits to gain compensation for property damages during the turnaround process for new tenants

The Eviction Process Explained

When it comes to the eviction process, you must understand what will happen and understand possible outcomes. While you should avoid eviction at all costs, there are situations where eviction is the only option.

As a tenant, you’re legally bound to make payments for the property you’re renting. And as a landlord, you’ve got to upkeep the property and ensure tenants are compliant.

We hope this guide explained everything, you were looking for! Before you go, take a minute to read a few more of our blogs. We have lots of interesting real estate information for you to explore!

Original Boston Real Estate Blog Post

It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be evicted, perhaps because the impacts of evictions are so wide-ranging. Household items are put on the curb and lost if the evictee can’t afford a storage unit. Having an eviction on one’s record makes it harder to rent a decent place to live. Constant movement to different housing leads to children falling behind in school, jobs lost, mail and benefits misdirected, and community bonds being broken. Research has also found that evictions can even lead to depression and suicide.

Research study

Author Matthew Desmond, a Harvard sociologist, followed eight families and their struggles to find and remain in decent affordable, private housing. The author—whose family was evicted from their home in Arizona during his childhood, giving him first-hand knowledge of this problem—immersed himself in the world of the urban poor in 2008 and 2009, living in a trailer park, and then in a rooming house in one of the poor areas in a trailer park. At the start of his journey, Desmond clearly identified himself as an author and let his subjects know that he was writing a book about them.


The subjects of the Pulitzer-prize winning Evicted have many obstacles to overcome—poor housing stock, a high percentage of their low income going to rent, hardened landlords, family issues. Over the course of his research, Desmond became close to the book’s subjects. He helped them move, went to church with them, slept at their houses, babysat their children, and accompanied them to eviction court.

What happens after eviction?

What happens after an eviction? Former tenants may become homeless; move to a shelter; live with friends, relatives or strangers; or move to less costly housing. In Milwaukee, the government housing assistance list has been frozen at 3,500 names for four years, leaving many still waiting for help. But even this meager chance at assistance isn’t available to many of the subjects of Desmond’s book because of their eviction records.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

Facts, figures, and proposed solutions aside though, seeing eviction through the eyes of those who have experienced it is an invaluable benefit to any reader of this book. Real estate pros who read this book will discover the scope of the eviction problem, both in Milwaukee and the United States. Also, Desmond recently launched a website to share the findings of his Eviction Lab(link is external), a project out of Princeton University that compiles millions of records to provide a better understanding of the impact that the eviction crisis has on local communities. Use the lab’s search, maps, and rankings to see how your area fares.Source

Source: NAR

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