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In 1898, a novel was written entitled “War of the Worlds.” In 1938, Orson Wells created a radio broadcast by the same title.

In this radio program, the radio announcer broke into the program and announced the world was invaded by spaceships and was releasing poisonous gases and people were dropping like flies. As the announcer continued to speak he began to cough and choke and the radio went silent.

This began a panic attack because a section of the population thought it was true. Today, we would call this “fake news” We live in an information and are bombardon with all types of information, some of which is not true.

Beacon Hill Real Estate 

The reason I bring this up, yesterday I received an email from a reader that he read on another blog that the Boston Beacon Hill real estate market is booming in both sales and apartment rentals. He thought it would be a good idea that I do the same.

So I looked into it. Here are my findings:

Number of Beacon Hill condo sales 1/1/19 – 10/31/19 – 125 condo sales

Number of Beacon Hill condo sales 1/1/20 – 10/31/20 – 91 condo sales

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

The Beacon Hill sales stats are based on MLS data. I know many of my readers may not  like this, but don’t get angered by the truth.

Downtown Boston real estate for sale 



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