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This morning when I woke, I thought it was Friday. I was then informed it was Thursday. You know what’s sad, it really doesn’t matter. My life is in COVID-19 rut.

I once read:

Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken

Most of the time, we’re in a rut because that’s precisely where we put ourselves.

Actions become habits, and habits get repeated and become safe.

The easiest way to make things more interesting is to simply stop repeating your habitual behavior.

Today, I broke a habit, I rode my bike from Lexington to Alewife (instead of all the way or Beacon Hill) and then brought my bike onto the Redline. Yes, I’m allowed to bring my bike on the T (for now).

A couple of observations:

  • At 7:30 am almost nobody was at Alewife T station.
  • I spoke with a guy who owns a small stand that sells newspapers, candy, and small items. And I thought to myself, is this guy’s business ever coming back? I can’t even tell you last time I bought a paper newspaper.
  • But then I thought am I any different. I know changes are ahead in my industry, but what am I doing differently today than I did yesterday or the day before.  Like the newspaper guy, I’m just going to work every day, like there are no big changes ahead. But there are. I’m in a rut.

Why? Being in a rut often comes from reacting to triggers. Remove the triggers and you can alter the habits.

Tiny changes. Different ways to keep score.

Tomorrow comes. But we don’t have to take the same route to work to get there. Break one small habit and do another one the next day and the next …

Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.

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