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Artificial Intelligence (AI) predicting future Boston condo prices.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) predicting future Boston condo prices.

One of the most exciting applications of AI is predicting future outcomes, whether it’s global weather patterns or complex financial markets. In a sector like the Boston condo for sale market, where the stakes for both buyers and sellers are so high, the ability to anticipate market fluctuations is something of a holy grail for the Boston condo market.

With the right combination of human expertise and data-based analyses and forecasting, AI can predict future rent and sale prices, identify the latest market trends, and even pinpoint new investment opportunities. Given how much the real estate market relies on good timing, these tools can help reduce risk and maximize ROI.

Predictions are hard. Perhaps the only thing we can say is that these AI tools will continue to get more powerful, easier to use, and cheaper. We’re in the early stages of a revolution that could be as profound as Moore’s Law, and I’m both excited and terrified about what’s yet to come.

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