Time is ticking for landlords to rent their Boston apartments. The following is a list of Boston neighborhoods with apartments available between now and September 1st 2009:

Back Bay – 147 apartments avail
Beacon Hill – 64 apartments avail
Brighton – 78 apartments avail
Charlestown – 39 apartments avail
Dorchester – 108 apartments avail
Jamaica Plain – 20 apartments avail
Midtown – 37 apartments avail
South Boston – 51 apartments avail
Waterfront – 70 apartments avail

* Please note these apartment listings are from MLS and the majority of rental agents do not list their rentals on MLS and almost none are duplicate ads.


On on August 6, 2009 if you were to look up “Beacon Hill apartments” for rent over 1200 apartments, in Beacon Hill alone were posted (today) August 6, 2009 for rent. However, unlike MLS many of Craigslist ads are duplicates.

File Under: As of today, no “renter” should pay a broker fee to rent a Boston apartment for September 1, 2009.