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Downtown Boston real estate for sale 


Boston Real estate has traditionally been considered a safe investment. But recessions and other COVID-19 are testing that theory—making investors and would-be downtown Boston condo owners think twice.

  • Home values tend to rise over time, but recessions and other disasters can lead to lower prices.
  • Following slumps, home values can increase in some areas of the country because of strong demand and low supply, while other areas struggle to rebound.
  • Potential homebuyers shouldn’t focus on national trends, as prices vary between states and even neighboring cities.
  • Low mortgage rates have an indirect effect on home prices, as consumers are willing to take on more debt when credit is cheap.

Historical Perspective

Prior to 2007, historical housing price data seemed to indicate that real estate prices could continue to rise indefinitely. In fact, with few exceptions, the average sale price of homes sold in the U.S. climbed stead

I like to tell you a short story

This story may appear that it contradicts what I wrote above, but its all in good fun:

Measuring by Averages

Analysis, measurement, statistics, etc

Three statisticians went hunting in the woods. Before long, one of them pointed to a plump pigeon in a tree, and the three of them stopped and took aim. The first fired, missing the bird by a couple of inches to the left. Immediately afterwards the second fired, but also missed, a couple of inches to the right. The third put down his gun exclaiming, “Great shooting lads, on average I reckon we got it…”

Downtown Boston real estate for sale 


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