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Avoid pitfalls and delays when buying a Beacon Hill condos

Beacon Hill condo buying involves a lot of due diligence. Greater Boston Real Estate  forms lay out all the events and dates involved throughout the transaction and explain rights and responsibilities of each party involved in the transaction.  There are lots of deadlines to review and inspect various elements of the property and Beacon Hill real estate agents who have a working knowledge of how to best prepare each event  for home buyers is critical. There will be lots of 3rd vendor involvement including inspectors, mortgage lender/broker, appraiser, and sometimes the other realtor. Coordinating takes a lot of work and requires certain knowledge to best prepare for your Boston Beacon Hill condo sale.


For example, urging the lender to order an appraisal as quickly as possible is very important. There is a huge demand for appraisers these days and it’s especially the case in downtown Boston if you want to close in 5 weeks, getting an appraisal appointment is so backed up it will take 4-6 weeks.  If you are getting a mortgage and you are not exempt from having to do an appraisal you can safely assume that your closing will be at minimum six weeks from the acceptance date. So even if you put down 5 weeks until closing date, it’s not going to happen. Boston Beacon Hill condo Sellers should also know this and listing agents need to advise sellers of this possibly delay that is inherent due to the appraisal madness.

Home Inspection

If the Boston Beacon Hill condo s ground level, it is likely that there is a radon gas issue.  So it’s important to coordinate this within the allowed inspection negotiation deadline time frame.

Lending Companies

Lending companies can have issues that will delay funding.  Some of the big lenders have complicated underwriting guidelines that can slow the funding at the end. There are many other strict rules involved with lending.  It is vital that your realtor explain to you what it means to be truly pre-approved rather than pre-qualified before jumping into a deal.  You will be submitting a long list of documents to your loan officer. You may think some are so tedious and ridiculous.  However, it’s important that you comply with supply every detail and document if you don’t want the process to be delayed.


Do you still want to buy a Beacon Hill home?  The good news is that I deal with all this stuff and more when working as a real estate buyer’s agent.  I just keep my buyers informed throughout every event and make sure that they maximize their interest throughout the transaction.  The best part is that buyers don’t pay a dime to buyer’s agent.  We get paid from the seller/listing agent.UPDATED 2019.



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