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So, they have to rebuild the Storrow Drive tunnel. Or, replace it. Or, make it into a surface road.

Regardless of which option they ultimately choose, the road construction project is going to inconvenience a lot of people. Back Bay residents, for one.

So, first, everyone has to agree on one of three options: rebuild, replace, or resurface (I wanted the third word to start with “re-“).

Sounds as though everyone is leaning toward rebuild. Meaning, they reinforce the existing tunnel.

So, that’s part one.

Part two is, how do you go about doing that.

The options are: close down Storrow Drive, reroute traffic onto the access road behind Beacon Street (“Back Street”) while you rebuild the tunnel, or reroute traffic onto part of the Esplanade while you rebuild the tunnel.

If I had my way, I’d close down Storrow Drive for the duration of construction, but, of course, that’s impractical for so many obvious reasons.

So, basically, the residents have several choices, none of them good.

What have they decided to do?

Not choose any of the options, but just complain, instead.

According to today’s Globe:

“We’re being given a false choice,” said state Representative Martha M. Walz, a Back Bay Democrat who opposes the Storrow bypass.

Oh, there was one other choice.

Some people want them to build a temporary elevated road over the existing tunnel to channel traffic during the rebuilding.

What the …?

Unfortunately, it will not be for another three years before any reconstruction can begin.

Unbelievably, in the meantime, the state will have to spend $5-$10 million to just keep the tunnel from collapsing.

More: Storrow fix could mean all-night noise – By Stephanie Ebbert, The Boston Globe

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