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FREE? REALLY?: A couple of weeks ago, I moderated a panel discussion with the mortgage chiefs of Bank of America, Lending Tree and Wachovia. Bank of America’s president of consumer real estate and insurance, Floyd Robinson, said a couple of things that the audience and fellow panelists disbelieved.

First of all, he said that Bank of America offers free mortgage refinancing to existing mortgage customers. He said all you have to do is call, and if you qualify for a lower rate, you get one. And, Robinson said, the rates are competitive — they don’t tack on, say, an extra eighth or quarter point.

Later, I talked to other Bank of America execs and they swore that what Robinson said was true.

Of course, are you likely to qualify for a lower rate, given that rates have climbed steadily for the past several months?

Maybe. I dunno.

Call your Bank of America rep and ask.

Complete story: Mortgage Matters – By Holden Lewis,

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Updated: January 2018

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