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Beacon Hill apartment rental process. Step-by-step guide

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Beacon Hill apartment rental process. Step-by-step guide

First thing first, view Beacon Hill apartments online to get a sense of what to expect and what you can afford in Beacon Hill.

After you’ve taken the first steps on obtaining knowledge of the Beacon Hill rental market. If you’re in the Boston area, I would walk around the area to get a sense of where the grocery store is located, public transportation and local restaurants. Once you’ve completed that, what now? Now comes the point to contact Ford Realty with a list of possible apartments you’d like to view.

One of my agents. or perhaps me, will schedule showings based on your request. We will also add any new listings that meet your criteria.

Hopefully, after a few showings you’ll find a Beacon Hill apartment and we will provide you with an Rental Application for you to complete.

I will now outline you what to expect on the Rental Application for a Beacon Hill apartment.

1. Fill out a rental application

A typical Boston rental application will require the following information:

  • photo ID
  • name
  • address
  • phone number(s)
  • email
  • employment and income information
  • previous address
  • pets (if applicable)
  • emergency contacts
  • background information
  • landlord references
  • personal or professional references

Rental Application For Boston | PDF | Lease | Renting

2. Expect credit and background checks

Once you complete and sign the application, the Beacon Hill apartment rental agent will conduct a credit report and a background check based on the information provided. In order to rent a Beacon Hill apartment on your own you’ll need a credt score of 625 or higher.

Common errors people find on their credit report - and how to get them  fixed | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

3. Prove you can pay rent

An important part of the rental application process is providing proof of employment or income. Some landlords may ask for copies of tax returns, recent pay stubs or other forms and/or a letter from an employer confirming your employment.

4. Do you need a co-signer

If you’re a student, or have a low paying job you will need a co-signer in order for the application be submitted to the landlord.

5. Contacting past landlords

Beacon HIll apartment landlords want to know from previous landlords what type of tenant you are. Were you a bit on the noisy side? Ect…

6. Have good personal references

Personal references make all the difference, and good personal references might make or break an application — especially if you don’t have a rental history.

7. Sign the lease

You’ve been accepted. But we’re not finished yet. This is when upfront costs need to be paid, such as security deposit, first month rent and sometimes last and a broker fee. The broker fee can range from no fee, 1/2 months fee to a full fee. 

Once that is resolved the lease gets signed and than submitted to landlord for a signature. The signed lease from landlord can take anywhere from one day to one month.

I’ll discuss moving into a Beacon Hill apartment on another Boston Real Estate Blog post

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