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I was in a local coffee shop in Beacon Hill with a few friends and we were having a causal conversation.

You’ve heard friends and family say it, and you may have said it yourself.

“Oh, with Beacon Hill condo prices so high I think I’m going to sell!”

It’s said casually, without a real commitment or timeline.

With Beacon Hill condo for sale prices this high, it’s a real temptation because virtually every homeowner can cash out with six or seven figures and leave Massachusetts for good before the Winter arrives.

Selling your Beacon Hill Condo

If making a move is getting to be more than just a temptation, then what should a casual seller focus on?

Know the “why” and “where” you are going to move.

Without knowing for sure where you are going to go and why you’re selling, you’ll just never get around to selling your Beacon Hill condo

Once you know why & where, then the next question is when – and look what’s coming up in 2020.

As we get closer to the election, more people will decide to wait, causing fewer buyer. I also feel it will slow down the sales market and has the potential not only to slow down appreciation on downtown Boston condos, but create larger pool of inventory.

Now might be the best time for both buyers and sellers

September looks like an ideal time for both buyers and sellers to make the move.

So let’s get cracking now, while rates are in the mid-3s!


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