Beacon Hill Real Estate Market 2020 Advice

If your looking to buy a starter Beacon Hill condo for sale or an investment rental property under $600,000 – go for it! The skies are blue and the future looks great. If you’re planning to buy higher than that, it is okay too. Just make sure you’re selling something that is in an even higher range (you’re stepping down), or if you need to buy that bigger Beacon Hill home for a growing family (you’re stepping up) just make sure your home ownership plans in Beacon Hill are for the longer term.

My personal advice:

Work with a Beacon Hill real estate agent that’s on top of the market.

Stop clicking through those “find an agent” websites. Everytime you put in your information, whichever agent you choose to work with later, that is in their lists (and many top agents are), will owe that program 25% of their commission or more. Then that agent will have less available funds to promote your home. Don’t trust online Beacon Hill condo price estimates, they are still not good enough, mostly because they can’t see the inside of the Beacon Hill home or understand its history.

Don’t be fooled by iBuyers, they exist to make money off you and will only buy your Beacon Hill condo for sale if they can turn around and sell it on the open market – with a Beacon Hill real estate agent – for more than they bought it from you. The public market is your friend! If you hold an auction and one person shows up, you’ll get a terrible price. If ten people show up, you’ll get a bad price. If you are able to reach hundreds of thousands of home buyers at once (a.k.a. the public market and the ability of a good real estate agent), then you’ll get the market price, a good price.

Bottom Line

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