The joy and excitement of finding just the right Beacon Hill condo for sale–One that fits all your needs, and has the perfect historic charm. The thrill of hearing that it’s within your budget. Is it too good to be true?

Before signing the contract and making that Beacon Hill home officially yours, make sure to have it thoroughly inspected. Sometimes it really is perfect, but occasionally heavy financial burdens lay hidden below the surface. Sometimes, they are issues that even a novice home inspector can overlook.

Before approaching a home inspector, be sure to check their ratings on sites like Angie’s list, and even Google Business Review. The home inspector, in most cases, does will do his or her best. However, a few things may be left out of the report. Other things are left out because it’s not possible for the inspector to discern or because they are not visible to the naked eyes. When buying a house, it’s often worth paying the upcharge to check everything.

Here’s a list of few things a home inspector sometimes overlooks:

Blocked electrical sockets:

If there is an electrical socket hidden from view by furniture or an outlet built in an intricate part of the condo, then the inspector might not check whether or not it’s working. Before the inspection, go through the home and note any outlets that may be tucked away. Check in the kitchen cabinets and the closets.

House height:

Beacon Hill building restrictions limit the height of the condo. Sometimes inspectors skip these measurements. If your new home is three stories tall, ask your him or her to check the height before you buy. You do not want to buy a house that requires significant renovations to meet the regulation.

Unblocked chimneys:

If the Beacon Hill condo has a fireplace, then the inspector is going to open its door and check for bird’s nest or anything that should not be there. The inspection requires a flashlight. However, the inspector will not usually turn the fireplace on to check that it functions safely. Generally, it is worth paying the upcharge for this service. Unkempt fireplaces are dangerous.

Leaks in the roof:

After buying Beacon Hill penthouse condo, the rain arrives, and suddenly water starts leaking from the ceiling. The inspector does not always give a complete look at the roof while carrying out his inspection. Mostly, it is not possible to make sure whether there’s a crack in the roof until it’s already raining. For this one, just be aware. For best results, ask your realtor when and if the previous owners replaced the roof.

The ground:

To check the integrity of the land below the Beacon Hill building, if your buying a Beacon Hill apartment building you should hire a geo-structural engineer. He/she is the one who will make sure that structure is not going to suffer from the unstable area below it. The house inspector doesn’t play any role here.

Damaged sliding & windows:

The things often missed by the inspector are the damaged runway of the windows & sliding. They are not counted in the final inspection report. Ask your inspector to pay close attention to the siding and windows.

When deciding on your Beacon Hill property, you want to make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Sometimes even the best inspectors can miss something. That’s why we recommend you pre-inspect your house for anything you may have concerns about.  Then, simply ask the inspector to take a double look. Know what the inspector will check and what you need to hire a specialist to take care of. If something costs a little extra, its almost always worth it for pay the upcharge.

Buying a Beacon Hill condo for sale is a big investment. That’s why we want you to make the best choice possible for you and your family. Do you have a property in your mind? Are you still looking for the perfect property in the ideal location? Call us today.

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