If you’ve decided to place your Beacon Hill condo for sale or are curious about what it is worth, you should schedule an appointment for a home appraisal. During this process, a licensed, certified appraiser will come in to assess what your Beacon Hill condo market value is worth. Here’s a summary of what do appraisers look for when conducting a downtown Boston real estate appraisal.

The Exterior of the Home

First, the appraiser will take note of the exterior of your condo. This will include the size and style of the condominium, what materials it is made of, and its current condition. When considering what do appraisers look for, the location on Beacon Hill will also be very important.

The Interior of the Home

Next, the appraiser will enter your home to calculate the square footage and note the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Then, he or she will gauge the interior appearance to see the condition of things like the windows, doors, walls and floors, and examine the kitchen and bathrooms. The appraiser will also survey the lighting, electrical and plumbing systems.

Any Improvements to the Home

Your appraiser will want to know any modifications you have made to your Beacon Hill condo. The value of the condo appraisal will certainly increase if you have replaced your HVAC system, or installed a new kitchen. Other improvements like upgraded lighting, or bathroom rehab will also factor into the final valuation.

Your Home in Relation to Nearby Properties

After personally examining your property, the appraiser then turns to data about nearby properties. This analysis will take into account Beacon Hill condo similar in size, style and condition that have recently sold in your area. These “comps” greatly help determine your home appraisal value.

If you are ready to look for a new property, contact Ford Realty Inc. We can also help you to schedule a home appraisal today.

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