I’d like to tell you a story and give a nice Boston real estate compliment to one of my top Boston real estate agents.

But, first, a Keith Richards story about Charlie Watts, legendary drummer for the Stones.

After a night of drinking, Mick saw Charlie asleep and yells: Is that my drummer? Why don’t you get your arse down here?

Richards continues, “Charlie got dressed in a Savile Row suit, tie, shoes, shaved, came down, grabbed him and went boom! Don’t ever call me “your drummer again. Remember you’re my Singer.”

No drums, no Stones.

So who’s the drummer in my Boston real estate office? This week it’s Linda Mitrano, who just closed on two Beacon Hill apartment buildings: 80 Phillip Street and 43 Grove for a combined price of $2,850,000.

If you’re in the market for Boston apartment buildings that are NOT on MLS, please call Linda at 617-512-4557.

File Under: The beat goes on …

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