Berklee School of Music wants to house more students on campus, eventually 50% of all students.

Likewise, other colleges in the Fenway are looking to do the same.

Where will they build? Not many options – either out or up, and since no student will want to live far away from school (everyone wants to be within walking distance), I’m guessing the colleges will build up.

Several years ago, Millennium Partners, the people behind the Ritz Carlton Towers, floated the idea of building some high-rises over the Mass Pike, across from where Tower Records Virgin Records is located.

Could they forge a deal with the school? Would that make it more likely or less likely to pass all of the hurdles standing in the way?

Meanwhile, neighbor The First Church of Christ, Scientist, or the Christian Scientists, as I like to call them, is thinking about selling off some of the vast real estate holdings.

Midtown Hotel for freshman, class of 2013, or what?

Complete article: Building student housing sounds like music to Berklee’s ears – by Scott Van Voorhis, The Boston Herald

Updated: December 2017

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