The Big Dig Diner is a diner hidden away down in the Seaport District. I never saw it open; every time I went by, it was either announcing, “opening soon”, or, closed for good.

Apparently, it did open, and for several years it served Big Dig workers and others who worked and played down on the waterfront.

Now, however, its future is in doubt.

Today the Big Dig Diner sits forlornly on the South Boston waterfront, awaiting either the wrecking ball or last-minute rescue.

At an auction earlier this month, there were no bidders for the classic restaurant, which was moved here in 1995 to become part of a culinary arts program for troubled youths.

The auctioneer, however, did sell the diner’s contents, which included booths, stools, and kitchen equipment.

Now, the city of Boston, which owns the land the diner occupies in South Boston’s Marine Industrial Park, wants the structure gone.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority has given the Dorchester nonprofit until the end of this month to move it. After that, it will be considered abandoned.

The city is willing to consider offers as low as $5,000.

Tell you what. You find me a place to put it, and a plan for re-opening it, and I’ll see what I can do to find the $5,000 to buy it.

Diner scrambles to hash out a deal: Old eatery will be razed if it’s not moved – By Robert Preer, The Boston Globe

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