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I received a voicemail from someone on Tuesday after this thread began and after I posted the developer’s renderings on my blog. He seemed frantic that people were talking about the “movie theater” as if it was going to actually happen.

I just got off the phone with him; he’s the Director of Development for the BCA. The renderings are out-of-date, there will be no movie theater, at least according to him.

And, the Boston Courant is way behind the ball on this one; the developer was chosen a couple years ago, there is no new news.

Well, except that the BCA still has no timeline established for renovation of the plaza. It is a “couple years” down the road, according to him. The organization is now focused on other things, including stabilization of the building’s foundation (they just received a $400,000 grant from the Commonwealth).

So, there’ll be no “Titanic” appearing on a screen near you.

Thank god, now back to the roof deck.


The Boston Center for the Arts has chosen an architect to design a new plaza in front of the multi-use facility, on Tremont Street, in Boston’s South End neighborhood.

bca redesign

Plans call for a new “grassy knoll” to be built on the site, along with a performance space, more greenery, and … a gigantic movie tower!!!

bca redesign

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