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Updated: January 2018

 Future Boston Condo Buyers

A recent survey by Better Homes and Gardens revealed that Generation Z (teens ages 13-17) are very traditional in their views toward homeownership and are willing to sacrifice to attain the American Dream.

The findings from the survey of Generation Z show:

•82% indicate that homeownership is the most important factor in achieving the American dream.

•89% said owning a home is part of their interpretation of the American Dream.

•97% believe they will own a home.

•77% percent chose owning a home over owning a business.

Condominiums are much different than single family properties. It is useful for buyers to understand those differences before purchasing a condo unit. This blog provides MA condo definition for buyers.

Condominium Defined

The Definition

Condominium is a type of land ownership. Condominiums contain 2 or more units, with the interiors belonging to specific owners. Unit owners have joint ownership in shared spaces. Certain areas, such as patios, may be considered common space but granted to a specific owner for exclusive right to use. A master deed details the ownership structure and other relevant information on the entire complex. A unit deed offers information on a specific unit. Buyers should see both before buying a unit.

Condo Styles

The style of a property does not identify it as a condominium. Condos come in vary in style. Some are converted multi-family buildings and others are extensive complexes encompassing multiple buildings. The following are a few common condo styles

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