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Boston condo broker, gazing at the night sky

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Boston condo broker, gazing at the night sky

I threw the salt down on the dark wet pavement, in case it froze up. From the top of the driveway, I could see the brimming lights of downtown high-rise condos.

As I spread the salt onto the driveway, suddenly, raindrops began to fall softly with a hiss. Each drop shatters like diamonds when it collides with the pavement, the Boston condo lights are glittering in the dark canvas sky.

The air was thick with anticipation for what was to come next, leaving a sense of mystery in its wake.

As I stood there, eyes open to the marvel at the majesty of the night sky and the glories of the heavens that filled my view, it felt as if time had slowed down, giving me a moment to breathe and think of my love-ones.

The night sky continued to inspire awe, when I was suddenly awakened from a distant voice, “John, where the hell are you, it’s late get back in here.”

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