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Boston condo brokers: St. Patrick Day story


The little guy in green sat in a tree watching the man sitting on the park bench staring at the high-rise condos.

10 Shenanigans and Leprechauns ideas | irish, irish quotes, shenanigans

The man on the bench had seen better days. His clothes tattered, shoulders slumped and his eyes, pools of sadness.

A toffee-nosed woman sniffed as she passed, ignored him. She tossed her coffee mug on the ground near the bench.

Sean O’Reilly sighed. Shrugged. Picked up the mug and deposited it into a nearby recycling bin.

The little man in the tree smiled.

Sean O’Reilly looked sadly down at his feet, then grinned.

‘A four-leaf clover! Now my luck will change.’

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