Boston condo buyers: 3 common condo association rules

Are you looking at Boston condos for sale?  Or have you just purchased a Boston condo for sale?  If so,  you’ll find out very quickly that your condo association has numerous rules regarding what you can and cannot do, each Boston condo association has its own rules regarding the property. I’ve found that these 3 Boston condo association rules are the most common.

Rule for common areas

Common areas such as common roof deck, lobby area and if you live in a Boston high rise condo would include; pool, outdoor space ect., have guidelines you must follow. In general the condo association requires you to be respectful and considerate to your neighborhoods. In other words, don’t leave a mess or make loud noises in the common areas of the building.

Pet restrictions

Many Boston condo buildings restrict pets from entering the building or have a weight restrictions on pets. I know in my neighborhood of Beacon Hill many condo buildings will allow cats but not dogs. Bottom line if you have a pet make sure you and your lawyer read the condominium documents before placing an offer on that Beacon Hill condo or Boston high rise condo.

Restrictions on renting

It’s common for Boston condo buildings to put a restriction on renting your condo. Recently, a new law that will take place in 2019 will prevent many Boston condo owners to rent out to Airbnb clients. One major concern that Boston condo owners have on renting out units in a condominium building is that a high percentage of renters can make it difficult for new Boston condo buyer to obtain a loan. Banks do not like over 50% being rental units.


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