Boston Condo Buyers Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

A while back I was told that home sellers never pay the buyers closing costs. Boston condo buyers obtain all sorts of information from friends and family and pass it along to me.

When selling a home to first-time homebuyers it’s not uncommon for them to ask the seller to pay some money to cover some of the buyers closing costs.

That does not mean that the home sellers will agree, but it’s more common than you might think. Downtown Boston condos owners will most likely say no but please don’t tell your agent that sellers NEVER pay the buyers closing costs.

My knowledge is based on my involvement in Boston condos that I’ve bought and because I own a real estate company and have 20 plus years of experience selling Boston properties. Boston Real estate is what I do all day long and on weekends and holidays too.

Boston Real Estate for Sale and the Bottom Line

In fact, it is probably a good idea to just never say never. All sorts of things happen during the home buying or selling process that can not be anticipated. Often meeting the unexpected with an open mind and some flexibility will result in a better outcome than just saying never. Homebuyers asking sellers to make repairs or pay closing costs or both is not unexpected.

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