Boston condo buyers, I feel your pain

Okay perhaps pain isn’t the appropriate word, perhaps stress or anxiety, you get the point. Many Boston condos for sale buyers are feeling frenzied in this lagging seller’s market (soon to change) with low inventory and high Boston condo for sale prices Take for instance a couple I spoke with recently. They wanted to live in Beacon Hill but out of frustration and hopelessness they thought it was best to go to open houses in Charles River Park, due to the lack of inventory, only to find out it was worse there. Many clients I’ve been working with are so afraid of losing out or not finding their Boston dream condo for sale they are being tempted to abandon what they want and need in their next home.

So, buyers, let’s all just take a deep breath and take a few minutes reconnect with what you need and want for your next Boston condo for sale that you will look at or buy. Here are my suggestions to help:

Know your ‘must-haves

Before you start touring Boston condos for sale on the market, you must have a list of your top five must-have criteria by which all Boston condos you look at are measured. You and your spouse or partner should agree on these and you need to discuss them with your Realtor® to get her advice on how realistic your must-haves are in relation to your budget and other factors, such as location. Adjust your must-haves as necessary and then commit to them. You will be tempted to compromise, but only do so with lots of thought and careful consideration.

Find the right agent

Make sure you find agent to counsel you through this process. Is he/she one that you feel comfortable with, that you can trust and that you know is listening to you? If you don’t think you can rely on this person, move on and find someone that you can trust and rely on to help you through the process to make what will likely be one of your most important decisions and largest purchases.

Listen to your agent

Boston condo for sale shopping offers so many ways to view homes for sale that it can often be overwhelming for buyers and cause unnecessary stress. When you begin to feel that shopping for your home has become your full-time job, it’s time to cede some control to your agent. It’s okay to rely on them and trust that they want you to find your dream home as much as you do. Most of us sincerely want to delight our buyers and help them find their dream home.

Find the right mortgage advisor

Having a reputable, thorough, trust worthy mortgage broker is extremely important in a seller’s market. I’ve had clients that have unfortunately experienced this first hand. For instance, buyers had applied for a mortgage online, received a pre-qualification letter and put an offer in on a house. However, when it came time to complete the real mortgage application, they were not able to qualify for as much as they thought and had to withdraw their offer on the home they really wanted. It was heartbreaking for them. So, get referrals from friends or family members you trust. Take some time to check out the broker’s online reviews by visiting sites like Google and Yelp. You can also ask your agent for suggestions.

Above all, I encourage you to be patient. The right Boston condo for sale will come along. Put together a team you trust to help you and together we will get you into a home you love, that will meet your standards and goals and be a place you can enjoy for years to come.

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