The legalities are a work in progress when it comes to short-term rentals in Boston. But if you’re leasing any part of your property for fewer than 30 days via a site like Airbnb, it’s critical to have sufficient insurance, and now you must register with the city of Boston.

Though Airbnb guarantees up to $1,000,000 for property damage, there’s no coverage for an extremely important item—personal liability. If a guest is injured in your Boston condo, you’re on your own.

What you need to have in place is a vacation rental policy, which includes coverage called “personal injury,” Brownstone Insurance can help you obtain this insurance. This protects you if a short-term tenant is injured during his or her stay. Many property owners assume they’ll be covered for personal liability on their existing policy. But liability on a primary Boston condo policy doesn’t cover any type of rental exposure.

Ff you’re renting your Boston condo, there’s no additional risk to the homeowners association. Almost all Boston condo associations have commercial policies that cover the common areas.

Of course, the larger issue with short-term rentals is that properties in multi-unit buildings are, uh, illegal now Cambridge, MA. And most Boston condo associations don’t allow short-term rentals in their Covenants, Conditions (condo docs)

But if you’re listing your home on Airbnb anyway, be certain you have the right type of insurance.

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Updated: January 2018