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Boston condo owners: Do you know what’s in your refrigerator?

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Boston condo owners: Do you know what’s in your refrigerator?

Reducing food waste is a problem in this country.  Not necessary with me, if you saw me you’d know why.

In 2023 when it was time to replace the refrigerator, I bought a smaller one. It was a challenge at first, especially with the pandemic and storing beer and all that important stuff, but the truth is when I filled up my old fridge some of the food in it will spoil before I can consume it, like fruits.

There are not many foods that require refrigeration that stay fresh for very long.

The smaller refrigerator I have helped us reduce food waste. We have plenty to eat yet the refrigerator is rarely very full and there isn’t much waste.

Fresh produce keeps for about a week. Most dairy products will keep for few days or so. Eggs keep for a long time and so does butter. Condiments keep for weeks or months.

There were foods that I was putting in the refrigerator that didn’t belong there at all. Sometimes the fridge becomes convenient storage.

The freezer is another matter but frozen foods do not keep indefinitely either. Food tends to get freezer burn or the frost kills the flavor and some of it gets dried out.

People who are interested in reducing their food waste should take a closer look at their kitchen and how they are using it. Maybe a smaller refrigerator and freezer will help reduce food waste. It definitely helped us and as a bonus, it uses less energy.

Sometimes it seems as though we do our best to fill up every cupboard and refrigerator shelf. Food prices have gone way up. Cooking takes time but it also saves money and the ingredients seem to take up less space than ready-to-eat foods.

Do you know what’s in your refrigerator? Did you stock up for the Super Bowl !!

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