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Boston condo owners: Save money on your heating bill

I keep seeing posts on Facebook and from home owners complaining as they are receiving their heating bills. It has been a long cold and expensive winter. We were warned last year that natural gas prices would be high this year due to everything from supply problems to politics. The New England cold weather isn’t helping either.

I received my highest gas bill ever from January and it will be higher this month. The good news is that eventually it will warm up and heating costs will go down. Until then my strategy is to wear layers of sweaters and heavy socks.

My new furnace is energy efficient and we don’t want to turn the thermostat down any lower.

Boston condos and condo fees

Don’t be surprised if your heating bill is double what it was a year ago or more. High energy costs will probably be with us for a while. If you live in a Boston condo this could result in higher condo fees coming your way

When buying a Boston condo for sale or a house find out what the monthly heating bill looks like. The size of the house is something to consider. A larger house may mean a larger heating bill. Homeowners can find ways to reduce heating costs.

Boston condos and the bottom line

Add more insulation helps and so does caulk. In the meantime, keep those sweaters handy we still have a few more weeks of cold weather ahead.

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Today’s weather has me thinking as we enter into the colder months. I’ve been thinking about heating bills for both Boston real estate owners and new Boston condo buyers.

How much does it cost to heat Boston condo?

We will experience some cold weather here downtown Boston as round up this dreaded 2020. It will be cold today, but I will call it kind of cold because it can get a lot colder. 

Before buying a Beacon Hill, Seaport or Back Bay condo it is a good idea to find out how much it costs to heat. Boston homeowners can get some averages by checking with customer service, or by looking at the last Boston condo owners billing and usage history online.

It is also helpful to find out how many people are living in the home. A household with one or two people will generally use less energy than a household with four or more people.

The efficiency of the boiler makes a difference and so do windows and the amount of insulation. New windows might reduce heating costs but it takes a long time to save enough in energy bills to pay for them.

Look for energy star ratings on appliances.

Using less electricity can be a matter of turning off lights or maybe using some timers. Use energy-efficient light bulbs and motion detector switches in basements and outdoors.

Boston real estate home buyers should talk to their home inspector about the condition of the heating plant and how the home uses energy.

High heating bills often cause Boston condo homeowners to sacrifice their comfort for a little extra cash – but it doesn’t  have to be that way. The chart below shows tips for saving money while staying warm this winter.


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