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Boston Condo Purchase & Sales Agreement – Written by AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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Boston Condo Purchase & Sales Agreement – Written by AI (Artificial Intelligence)

I started this week, by prompting ChatGPT (artificial intelligence) to write a Boston condo purchase agreement as a test of its accuracy. I figured if artificial intelligence can be used for legal work it can be used to write a purchase agreement.

The contracts that the lawyers in downtown Boston draft are very detailed oriented. The one I printed through AI,  there were several details missing, for example, how are the property taxes going to be prorated. Also, it looks like the buyer is responsible for paying the seller’s closing costs, which rarely happens.

What AI is missing on Boston condo P&S contracts

Here’s another example, the agreement says that the buyer can inform the seller about any “defects” and ask for repairs but it doesn’t say that the seller has to have repairs made or what will happen if they don’t.

Each party would need to fully understand Massachusetts law in order to make the necessary changes. It is better to have everything in writing, which is why Boston condo lawyers P&S contracts are longer than one page.

There isn’t any deposit or earnest money in this agreement which is legal but I would like to see some earnest money so that the buyer has something to lose if he/she/they can not perform.

Boston condo P&S contracts written by AI

What could possibly go wrong?

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