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Why are the properties listed incorrectly who is making changes to the MLS real estate information sites?

The listing broker pays for the services of MLS and has full control of the data (including) pictures

Is it a violation for a listing agent not to provide property booking information for a home they list on the MLS effectively circumventing allowing showings from MLS members?

All real estate agents and brokers should have full access to MLS data including who and how to contact the listing agent. However, if the listing is listed as “Coming Soon” on MLS the listing agent does not have to show the property until the designated date of when it goes public

How do you create a transaction without an MLS number?

All MLS listings have an MLS designated number.

How can I locate a property using an MLS ?

Most real estate websites have a designated search bar where you can search for a property based on an MLS number. You can also locate a property using the address located on most real estate search bars on the homepage.

Can a real estate broker list a property on MLS that’s not under contract?

For a real estate agent or broker to list a property on MLS, it must be in writing via MLS rules. MLS has a standard form to list properties.

How much time do I have to take a sold listing off the MLS?

Each MLS system is privately owned and has there own guidelines. Generally, a change in the status of a property on MLS should be noted within 24 – 48 hrs.

What is broker representation 3.0 offered to mean when added to an MLS listing?

The listing broker will provide information on how much the buyer’s agent or facilitator receives. It usually rages for 2.0 – 3.0 percent on the price

Boston Condos and Real Estate for Sale



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