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Boston condo spring market 2021: Why we might see price drops (video)

You may have noticed an uptick in new Boston condo listings over the past week. The Boston real estate spring will soon be here, bringing with it new Boston condo buyers and sellers who are ready to do business.

I’ve been selling real estate in the city for more than 20 years, and the same thing happens every year: Boston condo owners rush to put their condominiums on the market to capitalize on the April thru-June sales sweeps, and new buyers way in on the market.

Why does this happen annually? For one thing, Boston condo buyers finish their taxes and get on solid financial ground. It’s also a lot more fun to look at condominiums in warmer weather, although this April is off to a slow start in the warmer weather department. In the case of 2018, Boston condos sellers undoubtedly been looking at first-quarter sales and have decided to ride the wave of a market that’s squarely in their favor.

In Boston, there are several Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Midtown, and Boston Seaport condos presently placed under-agreement. Expect those numbers to increase in the next few days or so as the new listings come on for the upcoming weekend.

And for all you buyers and sellers out there, here are a few quick tips to get you going:

Buyers: Get your loan preapproval in order before you wander into the open house circuit. Talk with your agent about the best strategies for making your offers as competitive as possible. There’s no point in writing offers unless you can compete with all the other buyers who want the same thing you do.

Sellers: If you’re thinking you want to be on the market between now and June, it’s time to get busy. Clearing out your house, packing up, and having prep work done all takes time. Hire your real estate agent, like, next week, and get the ball rolling. (Don’t hesitate to give me a shout at 617-595-3712| if you’d like to work together. I swing into action quickly.)

Happy Spring!

Boston Condos for Sale


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