Buying a Boston condo can be a daunting task, especially for those who are looking for their first home. One option is to look for a condo instead of a single-family house. There are seven main reasons buying a condo in downtown Boston may be a smart move for younger individuals who are more mobile and on the go.

1. Affordability

Boston Condos are often more affordable than single-family homes, making them great options for those who have a tighter budget to work with. Furthermore, those looking at condos may find the insurance rates are lower because they only have to insure the living space and not the outside of the building.

2. Easy Maintenance

Most Boston condos have very little to no maintenance. The owner of the building is responsible for keeping the grounds maintained, fixing the roof as needed, and even repairing furnaces or air conditioners. For those who have never owned a home before or don’t have the time for repairs, starting with a condo can remove this potential financial stress.

3. Added Security

Most Boston luxury condo buildings have a doorman, meaning the only people allowed to get past the lobby are those who live there and approved visitors or guests. For those who live alone or have security concerns, living in a condo complex can eliminate this fear. Neighbors and friends are close by and security personnel are just a phone call away. When residents want to go on vacation, they don’t even need to worry about leaving home for extended periods because their front door is inaccessible to outsiders.

4. Close Community

Boston Condos are full of people who are often around the same age. Younger individuals are being drawn to condos due to the reduced costs, so it can be easy to find new people to hang out with. Meeting up with friends for a late-night get-together may be as simple as going next door.

5. Turnkey Living

Some condos can be bought fully furnished with everything a person needs, which reduces the time spent having to go find furniture and figuring out how to get bulky items such as tables and couches into the unit. Other condos do not come with furniture, but they may come with essential appliances such as a refrigerator and dishwasher.

6. Additional Amenities

Depending on the building, residents may have access to a clubhouse, pool, or fitness room. These amenities are often included in the condo fees, making them less expensive than buying memberships to each type of amenity separately.

7. Location

Many Boston condos are located in desirable parts of town such as the downtown districts of San Diego, giving residents access to restaurants and clubs. Public transportation options are often more plentiful, and residents may not need their own vehicles to get to work or travel around town. These days, more and more young people are purchasing real estate. Downtown Boston is the perfect area for young homeowners interested in the urban lifestyle. To see the latest condos, lofts, and penthouses on the market, we can be reached at 617-595-3712.

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