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Moving to Boston especially long distance is an increasingly popular trend for a lot of individuals, couples, and families — especially given how increasingly convenient things such as logistics and acquiring Boston condo to rent or buy can become. This doesn’t mean the entire process is always easy though. If you’re planning to move long distance, here are some factors you might want to consider::

1. Labels and proper packaging are extremely important

  • Labels and proper packaging are extremely important: If it’s possible, try to maintain a constant list of items you’ve packed with you. While packing items, make sure boxes are carefully labeled and accompanied by a list of items inside that box. Keep in mind that it’s best to arrange your packing in a way that makes unpacking easier. This can save time and effort on your end. If it’s possible to determine which rooms these items go in, the better.

2. Visit your new Boston condo and try to assess the rooms immediately

  • Visit your new home and try to assess the rooms immediately: If you have the opportunity to visit your new home prior to the move, try to get a map of the place and see if you can arrange your items for unpacking. Having designated locations for things you own makes it easier to have boxes packed for efficient unpacking.

3. Keep essentials in a package or bag with you

  • Keep essentials in a package or bag with you:Traveling a long distance for your move probably means a long road trip. There will be instances where you’ll take a break from driving for the bathroom or to eat, and there are times you’ll need to do things like work, or even handle emergencies. Personal documents such as birth certificates, passports, social security cards, driver’s license, bank statements, pay stubs, or tax returns should be with you at all times. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that the things you immediately need with you accompany you in your journey.

4. Be careful before packing outdoor items and furniture

  • Be careful before packing outdoor items and furniture:If you plan on packing outdoor furniture and decor, make sure you inspect for signs of larvae or insect infestations. This is important, as not only can they ruin your other packages, but they may be considered contaminants and not be allowed across state lines.

5. Avoid packing liquids or foods at all costs

  • Avoid packing liquids or foods at all costs: While there are certain food items at home that you’d be interested in bringing with you, non-perishable food can get ruined, tarnished, crushed, or attract vermin when you pack them with your shipment. Even cans, containers, or liquids can result in accidental spillage. If certain food items should really be brought with you, try to pack them in a container you’ll bring yourself in your own car.

6. Movers can help make the moving process much easier

  • Movers can help make the moving process much easier: When you hear the word “movers,” you’ll likely think of a lot of trucks moving furniture and other packages. You might think this is unnecessary for you given you don’t have “that much stuff,” but it’s always safe to assume you might underestimate your load. Movers like North American Van Lines are capable of helping you move your things much easier without requiring you to rent a vehicle or fit everything in your car.

7. Get your belongings insured

  • See if it’s possible to get your belongings insured: There are a lot of things that can happen in a long distance move, which makes it quite a high-risk industry. In this case, it’s safe to assume the worst, and as such, you should probably make sure you get proper coverage for your belongings. Consider purchasing basic or full-value coverage for your belongings. A moving company can help explain the differences in each type of coverage so that you can make an informed decision to ensure the integrity and safety of your objects.


Moving long distance requires you to take a lot of things into consideration, regardless if you’re doing it for work, for school, or just to finally live in the home you’ve dreamed about. It’s important to be on your toes when assessing things to pack, movers to hire, and even the necessary paperwork to ensure your long distance endeavors stay manageable and easy to accomplish. Remember, long distance travels need to be done with careful planning and preparation, and rushing into your long distance move might result in unwanted situations.


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