Boston condos for sale: Buyer demand is on the rise

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Boston condos for sale: Buyer demand is on the rise

If you’re a Boston condo owner thinking about making a move, you may wonder if it’s still a good time to sell your downtown condominium. Here’s the good news. Even with higher mortgage rates, buyer traffic is actually picking up speed.

Data from the latest ShowingTime Showing Index, which is a measure of buyers actively touring homes, helps paint the picture of how much buyer demand has increased in recent months (see graph below):

content images 20230502 20230503 showing traffic up again in february

As the graph shows, the first two months of 2023 saw a noticeable increase in buyer traffic. That’s likely because the limited number of homes for sale kept shoppers looking for homes even during colder months.

To help tell the story of why the latest report is significant, let’s compare foot traffic this February with each February for the last six years (see graph below). It shows this was one of the best Februarys for buyer activity we’ve seen in recent memory.

content images 20230502 20230503 showing traffic is still higher than pre pandemic years

In the last six years, we saw the most February buyer traffic in 2021 and 2022 (shown in green above), but those years were highly unusual for the housing market. So, if we compare February 2023 with the more normal, pre-pandemic years, data shows this year still marks a clear rise in buyer activity.

The uptick in buyer traffic is even more noteworthy considering the increase in mortgage rates this February. The Freddie Mac 30-year fixed mortgage rate rose from 6.09% during the week of February 2nd to 6.50% in the week of February 23rd. But even with higher rates, more buyers were looking for a home.

Jeff Tucker, Senior Economist at Zillowsays the increased buyer activity could continue:

“More buyers will keep coming out of the woodwork. We always see a seasonal uptick in home shoppers in March and April . . .”

If you’re looking to sell your house, seeing buyers still active in the market this year should be encouraging. It’s a sign buyers are out there and could be looking for a home just like yours. Working with a real estate professional to list your house now will help you get your home in front of eager buyers today.

Boston Condos for Sale and the Bottom Line

Rising foot traffic is a bright spot for this year’s Boston condo for sale market and indicates that buyers are looking to purchase this year, even with higher mortgage rates. If you’re ready to sell your house, let’s connect.

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I was poking around GOOGLE analytics looking at some numbers and buyer web viewing showings caught my eye. The number of Boston condo for sale views is up significantly

Yes, that is right traffic is way up for the terms:

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Boston Condo Showings

For sellers, always keep this in mind, the number of in-person tours or showings is the highest during the first five days when your downtown Boston condo is on the market and then falls sharply if the house is still available.

When selling a Boston condo for sale it is a good idea to kind of keep track of home buyer activity in the area to get an idea of how well your condominium is doing as compared with others.

Boston Condos for Sale and the Bottom Line

There are still rumors of a “market shift”. We are seeing a seasonal shift but it isn’t very pronounced. We are still in a strong buyers market.


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Boston Condos for Sale Search


Boston condos for sale: Buyer demand is on the rise

Last fall, some predicted that the 2019 Boston condos for sale market would be a disaster. There was even thought we might experience a housing crash like the one that occurred during the last decade.

However, according to two separate reports*, buyer demand dramatically increased over the last three months, leading into this spring buyers’ market (the March data is not yet available).

Both the ShowingTime Showing Index and the National Association of REALTORS Buyer Traffic Index show that buyer demand has increased in each of the last three months.

Buyer Demand Surging as Spring Market Begins | Simplifying The Market

Why the increase in Boston condo for sale demand? Increased buying power.

According to the National Association of Realtors’ Economists’ Outlook Blog, purchasing a home has become more affordable, which has led to increased demand.

“Due to the combination of falling home prices and mortgage rates, the income needed to make an affordable mortgage payment (mortgage no more than 25% of income) on a median-priced home with 10% down payment and 30-year fixed rate mortgage decreased from $60,425 in June 2018 to $53,783 as of February 2019, and the difference of $6,642 represents a gain in buying power because one can afford a home purchase at a lower level of income.”

Boston Condo for Sale and the Bottom Line

It appears the spring buyers’ market is going to be much stronger than many had projected. Whether you are selling or buying, this is important news.

*The methodology behind the indices:

The ShowingTime Showing Index

“The ShowingTime Showing Index® tracks the average number of buyer showings on active residential properties on a monthly basis, a highly reliable leading indicator of current and future demand trends.”

The National Association of REALTORS® Buyer Traffic Index

“In a monthly survey of REALTORS®, NAR asks respondents ‘Compared to the same month last year, how would you rate the past month’s traffic in neighborhood(s) or area(s) where you make most of your sales?’ NAR compiles the responses into an index, where an index above 50 indicates that more respondents reported “stronger” traffic than “weaker” traffic.

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