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Boston condos for sale: How technology has changed Boston condo searches forever

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Boston condos for sale: How technology has changed Boston condo searches forever. There is a lot of money to be made from selling various types of technology to Realtors. Technology and proptech are more or less crammed down our throats daily. We ask for technology and improvements in technology all the time but that isn’t what we get. Technology experts decide what we need sometimes based upon their own experience buying a house or selling a few.

In over 20 years working as an agent and as a broker I have rarely had a client or customer ask me what technology I use or express any kind of interest in it beyond having their house advertised on the internet. Most of our clients appreciate electronic documents and the ability to use electronic signatures.

I could give a whole presentation on how I use technology but that isn’t what people want. They want to know how much their house will sell for how long it will take and how to get it ready to sell. Home buyers want to know how much they should offer and which house they should buy.

Technology has changed the way appointments are set for private showings of houses that are for sale. We used to use the telephone and receptionists now it is all done through an app. The app makes the whole process faster and easier.

In general real estate services have evolved along with everything else. We use more technology mostly for convenience and because it is cost-effective.

This year and last AI (artificial intelligence) has been the most talked about technology in the real estate industry and everywhere else. Apparently writing property descriptions is one of the most critical things a real estate agent can do so many are using ChatGPT for the task. Blog posts like this can be written by AI as well.

It will be interesting to see how it all evolves. At the same time, I feel as though consumers are being left out of the conversation.  House hunting could be made better with AI. Maybe AI could help make the mortgage application process faster and easier.

Could AI replace real estate agents? Could AI make buying or selling real estate easier and less expensive?

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Boston condos for sale: How technology has changed Boston condo searches forever

We have come a long way. When I bought my first downtown Boston condo there wasn’t any way to search the internet and look at pictures of Boston condos for sale and now we have 3-D virtual tours. Today I can put in the address of any home that is for sale and it will show up on a zillion websites in a few seconds.  The searches are free too because in most cases real estate agents have their own websites or are paying to be on one.

The problem with large corporate real estate website

Homebuyers will notice that on the major sites they can find the name of the listing agent if they search for it but usually the links for asking questions, setting up a showing or for more information about the home go to the agent who is paying for the link.

On real estate company websites, the links go to the real estate company or to a particular agent from that company.

If I test my own listings I end up with agents who don’t know anything about the property and sometimes they don’t even work in the area. Sometimes no one responds to my inquiry.

Agents buy any zip code or area that they can. Real estate agents spend millions of dollars a year for leads and those leads come from homes for sale listed by other agents.

Real estate is cut-throat and competitive, especially now when there are more real estate agents than there are houses on the market. People who click on the link are likely to end up in someone’s drip email campaign and may experience a lot of “follow-up” and contact by phone and email.

For people who do not wish to become a lead choosing a real estate agent and asking that agent any questions about homes for sale is the way to do it. Your agent will work on your behalf for many months if needed and won’t charge you a dime, or send you spam or unwanted phone calls or text messages. Choose an agent with a lot of experience helping people buy and sell houses and choose someone who works in the area where you live or want to live.

When using the internet to search for houses that are for sale choose the site that you find the easiest to use. Ask your agent to set up some searches from the local MLS too

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Boston condos for sale: How technology has changed Boston condo searches forever

When was the last time you walked into a Boston downtown real estate office to start your home search? Most home buyers today just pick up their cell phones to instantly view new Boston condos for sale. No real estate office required.

Each year, new tech changes the way that we interact with the world. Here are just a few of the ways 2019 technology has changed the way buyers find Boston midtown real estate.

You Can Access Anything On the Go

Your home search doesn’t stop while you’re out and about. Today’s technology has made it easier to access information when you need it. While you’re waiting in line at the store or idly scrolling through your phone, you can find articles about the Beacon Hill home buying process on social media, see listings on a mobile search app, or check commute times from homes you’re considering.

Video Tours Have Evolved

This is something I need to work on. Listing photos are incredibly helpful for home buyers who are looking online for properties. But now, video tours make deciding on homes even easier. Instagram, Facebook Live, and even Snapchat are just a few of the many platforms that you can use to find video tours.

“Smart” Home Features are Becoming a Priority

Today’s Boston midtown condo buyers can purchase smart home security cameras, install programmable thermostats, and invest in the security systems of tomorrow. Green homes, energy-efficient appliances, and home energy monitoring systems help homeowners save money. With the right mobile apps, your smartphone can control just about anything in your home, from lights to locks.

One Thing That Will Never Change…

The Internet is saturated with information, both good and bad. But one thing you can’t glean from technology is the ability to navigate the complex real estate process. Even with all the innovations in technology, you’ll still need an experienced real estate agent to help you buy a home.

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