With the arrival of Spring close by, the Boston Seaport real estate market is seeing more and more open houses. All one has to do is walk up and down the Boston Seaport District to be pointed in the direction of an Open House. Boston downtown real estate buyer’s have many condo choices to choose from. Open houses are a great educational tool to begin your Boston downtown condo search. They not only familiarize Boston condo for sale buyers with the market and pricing, they also let the buyer view properties at their own pace.

Questions to ask a Realtor at a Boston Condo for Sale Open House

  • How long has the property been on the market? It usually indicates how well a Boston condo for sale is priced and may remain on the market.
  • What is included in the Boston condo for sale and what is excluded from the sale? Sometimes sellers exclude certain lighting fixtures or other attachments. Sometimes sellers include plasma mounted televisions. Always a good idea to ask.
  • Are there any offers on the property? The Realtor cannot tell you what those offers are for, however if you really like the Charles River Park condo, it’s good to know if an offer has been made that way you don’t lose out on making an offer.
  • How long has the seller lived in the property and why are they selling?

Are there any other Boston condos for sale in the building? You may love the building, but hate the interior of the condo. The Realtor at the open house should be able to tell you what else is for sale in the building and perhaps show the condos to you.

Things to Keep in Mind While Attending a Boston Condo for Sale Open House

If you are working exclusively with a Realtor, be sure to inform the sitting agent at the open house that you are working with exclusively with that Realtor and either give them your Realtor’s business card or sign into the open house with your Realtor’s contact information.

You may be asked to register when at the open house. For liability reasons, real estate companies may ask for your name and phone #. If you do not wish to be contacted, please let the sitting agent know. Your privacy should be protected.

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