Are there any Boston condo deals out there? The answer is yes. Many times throughout the year I will see Boston condos come on the market that may not be priced correctly. Most of the times it is because the agent does not know the Boston condominium market well and as result didn’t to price the condo for sale properly. Sometimes they over price them, sometimes they under price them and as a result, create good buys for a buyer! Last weekend, an example of this happened. It was at a very high price point, but still a good buy for the new owners. Last week I wrote about a new listings that came on the market. The agent that acquired the listing is a well known luxury agent that is known for high end single-family homes, not condos. The listing came on the market at a surprising low number for a luxury condo. As I said, YES, buyer’s can find deals in this market!To me, this shows a good example of working with a Boston condos specialist.

While the above…not mentioned agent, has a decent reputation for higher end homes, this agents expertise is not in the Boston condo market. I am not sure why the owners selected the agent but I have my suspicions.  Some agents will try to sell their companies “wide global reach” in a sales pitch to get a listing in the high end of the market. To me, this is a little bit of smoke and mirrors because of the internet. With the internet, an agent with a good bit of knowledge of marketing on the internet, can easily get their listing “worldwide”. Keep in mind, condo specialist market to condo buyer’s everyday and maintain a pipeline of qualified buyer’s. Sometimes local, sometimes international. The point I want to make here gets back to today’s topic: Finding deals in this market. As long as you have agents that do not fully understand the Boston condo market, you will always be able to find a deal because those agents will not always understand how to price a unit. Many don’t understand the difference between being on the 3rd floor on the west side vs 15th floor on the east side. Some don’t understand the difference from having a protected view vs an unprotected view and many of the other issues that come into play when pricing condos. Bottom line if you don’t want to be one of those seller’s that is creating a great buying opportunity for a buyer, make sure you interview a condo specialist.


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